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Autumn Crown 2021 – Feast & Food

door Jehan op 26 oktober 2021

This is the menu for the feast which was served at the Autumn Crown Tourney 2021 in the Shire of Polderslot, on Saturday the 23rd of October.

This menu was put together by Lady Hilde, Baroness Helena and Lord Jehan over the quite a number of months before the actual event, choosing recipes which would both taste great, and would be feasible to create for the number of people expected at the event.

During the event, Lady Hilde and Lord Jehan were the main cooks, but getting the food on the table wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Lady Laura, Mistress Hannah and many other helping hands for chopping, washing up, cleaning, serving, and all the other things needed to make it all work.

A special thanks to Lady Hilde for her attention to those with dietary needs, in selecting or creating alternative dishes.

I will also add recipes for various dishes served during the Friday evening travellers fare and Saturday lunch.

And now, without further ado, the menu.


First Remove

Meatballs with Aulx vers (green garlicsauce)

Flamijtschen (cheese bread)

Bread with different spreads:

alternative: “cloven nuns” (stuffed eggs)

Second Remove

De Limonia (chicken in almond-lemon sauce)

Cauli Verdi (cabbage with onion, fennel and apple)


alternative 1: egg in almond-lemon sauce

alternative 2: chicken without sauce

alternative: bread


Mushroom pie

Alternative pies

Third Remove

Stewed Beef

Frumenty (oats)

Salad of root vegetables and onions

alternative: vegetarian stew with legumes

alternative: boiled buckwheat

Fourth Remove

Konkavelite (rice with cherries)

Appelvlaen (apple bread pudding)

Friday night Travellers fare

Aliter caroetas (Carrots)

Ius album in copadiis (white sauce, served with chicken drumsticks)

Pisam Vitellianam siue fabam (peas)

Barley polenta

Saturday Lunch

Anyunsoppe inde vasten (Onion soup)

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