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Brueghel Fair – Reporting

door Hannah op 27 september 2011

We celebrated Brueghel Fair last weekend, and the event was blessed with a small but wonderful crowd of people attending and probably one of the most sunny weekends of the season. It seems everyone enjoyed the company, the weather and a relaxed schedule of playing some games, decorating a pouch, dancing, singing and some excellent food prepared by Lord Diederik and Master Floris. How often do you get stuffed calves breast, roast chicken, chestnut puree, quince jelly and zabaglione all in one meal!

Below are some pictures of the event, including the pouch making, some folks looking up games and proverbs on a Brueghel painting and three young ladies of the shire in their new “ribbon dresses”.

If anyone wants to add some pictures, please do! I’d love to see some more highlights, like Lady Laura who showed up for  a few hours wearing a norse apron dress instead of her favorite flemish kirtle (who knows why??), Linde juggling burning torches and Vrouwe Mariken and myself playing Petit vriens on bagpipes and shawm.

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