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Brueghel Fair preparations

door Hannah op 30 augustus 2011

I started this pouch at an embroidery workshop at Double Wars this year, and am now finishing it off with fancy details like the embroidered edge and tassles to prepare one of the activities for Brueghel Fair, which is in a few weeks. We’ll have some pouches ready, or people can bring their own to decorate, and we’ll make tassles and embroider edges. The kids can make tassels (which is surprisingly fast to do), and do some embroidery if they want. The edge is not difficult to do, but quite slow.

Other prep work: I’m practicing bagpipes and getting together with Marieke to practice fiddle/flute/drum stuff for dancing, we had some lovely roast chicken that might or might not make it onto the menu, I’m scrounching the internet for a Brueghel poster, spinning tops and stilts, Laura is making pouches and pewter feast tokens and other good stuff!

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