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A wonderful trip to Wales

door Hannah op 17 augustus 2010

Torchlit ball

Thomas cooking in the camp under the bridge

A commanding view of the countryside, our tent is on the right

A pretty impressive location to fight in

Floris turns the spit in the camp kitchen. In the background Joel chops wood and Paul de Gorey supervises

This weekend my lord Floris and I attended Rhaglan Ffair, a wonderful event at one of the most beautiful sites we’ve ever been to. Raglan castle was an enormous building that was destroyed in the civil war, but most of the walls still stand up to two or three stories high, so it still feels like a real building around you, especially in the dark. We were invited to eat with the aptly named camp under the bridge, where Lord Thomas Flamanc prepared sumptuous meals in an impressive camp kitchen.

Floris fought in the castle and helped at the fire, turning the spit and frying; I played music, learned a new braiding technique, and did scullery work in excellent company. Saturdaynight was the high point of the weekend for me, as a group of musicians joined together to form a dance band, and the torchlit courtyard filled with dancers around us.

In the past years we haven’t been able to attend events as frequently as we used to, but this weekend showed us once again that each time we do manage to go, we come home inspired, full enthousiasm and new plans and with fond memories. We also enjoyed the chance to talk without interruption over english breakfast and on the road.

So, in the coming weeks we hope to:
work out a final design for our own camp kitchen
cook a good meal over the fire in Endehoven
practice 12 strand braiding
practice variations on the Arbeaux bransle melodies!

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