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Schedule and workshops

Workshops – schedule

  • Open workspace – all day and evening
  • 10 – 12:30 Beginners – making a hood, working with a pattern
  • 10 – rest of the day – Advanced – making a 14th century gambeson
  • 10 – rest of the day – Advanced – making a kirtle pattern
  • 12:30 – 13:15 lunch
  • 13:15 Advanced – drafting a sleeve pattern
  • 15 h – Beginner – fabric choices and simple patterns
  • 18:30 dinner
  • 20:00 open workspace/finish up projects until you drop

All day

Open workspace

There will be room for people to work on projects together and exchange tips, information, frustrations etc.. There will be a few sewing machines to work on as well.

Beginners – overview of periods

This will be a poster presentation in the hall, which is also a good opportunity to find each other, talk about your favorite period and do some more research in the library of books present at the event.


A place to share all your favorite costume books and look at what other people brought to be inspired!

Please bring any books you think other people would like to look at (and make sure to write your name in it, in case several people bring the same book).

Can I try on your clothes?

A question that you might not always feel comfortable asking… There will be a few mirrors and a place to leave some things for people to try on, and gather to swap and discuss clothes.

Fabric swap

Bring your fabric and look for opportunities to trade!


Beginners – making a hood, working with a pattern – Lady Laura and Mistress Hannah

Choose the style of hood you would like to make. During the workshop we will cover working with a pattern to cut the fabric and using a sewing machine or needle and thread to put the hood together. By the end of the workshop we expect that you will only have some hemming left to do, and you will have learned the technique of using a pattern. We have a few colors of wool to use, or you can bring your own fabric (about 1 meter).

Advanced – making a gambeson – Lord Jan

In this 2 part workshop we will start on a 14th century gambeson in the style of the Charles de Blois Pourpoint.

Figure 1: Front View of Charles de Blois pourpoint

During the first part (10:00-11:30) we will explore the garment and the background for it’s use as a gambeson, discuss design and aesthetic considerations and of course evaluate and discuss the various materials available for making a gambeson before diving into the various techniques.

In the second part of the workshop we will start making a pattern based on your measurements and start the creation of the gambeson. Depending on your progress you can have the main element complete by the end of the weekend.


For up to 4 people materials will be available for purchase (at cost) at the event. Materials are sturdy linnen outer cloth, wool batting material and linen lining material. Costs are roughly 80-100 euro depending on actual costs.

Feel free to bring your own material.

  • Required:
    • Sewing Machine
    • Pins
  • Optional:
    • Paper scissors
    • Fabric scissors
    • Measuring tape
    • Fabric and thread etc.

Advanced – making a kirtle pattern – Mistress Victoria

We will draft and fit a custom kirtle pattern that can be used to make a variety of kirtle styles from Western Europe. We will also discuss variations of the pattern, how to construct the kirtle, look at partially constructed kirtle bodices/interlinings, and if time permits, begin making the kirtle. Please note we will be taking a few measurements, for which you will need to be in your linen layer- the measurements cannot be done over your full garb.

Some supplies will be provided, but please bring 1 meter of any stiff/heavy fabric you might have, if you can (something like denim, canvas, etc.). Please also bring a sports bra if you have one- it’s not mandatory, but wearing a sports bra while doing the measurements will reduce the amount of changes we have to make when fitting the pattern.

Advanced – drafting a sleeve pattern – THL Katherina

Sleeves tend to be the most hated part of a garment, and sleeves for historical clothing tend to be another beast. However, they can be tamed. This class will show how to cut the armhole of a garment and where to take measurements to draft a basic sleeve pattern that can be adapted to different historical styles from the 14th to the 16th century and onwards. There will be also a few tips and tricks how to set the sleeve to get a wide range of movement and a nice fit. I will bring a happy victim with her kirtle, and a handout with the full instructions that will allow you to draw your own pattern at home – but if you want to make a sleeve for yourself with me, please bring your kirtle and one meter of cheap fabric for a mock-up.

Beginners – fabric choices and simple patterns – Lady Laura and Mistress Hannah

We will discuss, look at and feel different fabrics and colors that were used in the middle ages, looking at garments made with some of them. Next we will look at some simpler clothing styles and the patterns used to put them together. We will bring some different sizes of adults and childrens tunics and dresses to copy.